Through 20 years of combined industry and business experience, The Money Spartans Financial Group is uniquely qualified to provide products and services designed to dramatically improve the financial well being of middle-income America.


Our tagline is "Putting people in the BEST Financial position POSSIBLE!"


It’s our claim to fame and the creed that we live by!


The Money Spartans Financial Group's mission is to provide our brokers and agents with a portfolio of financial products and services that dramatically help people financially .  

We exist to do 4 things:

1) There's a Huge Lack of Financial Literacy. We EDUCATE people about MONEY!

Nobody taught us anything about MONEY! We spend our 20’s & 30’s making money mistakes & losing money. We spend our 40’s & 50’s trying to makeup what we lost in times for our 60’s when we retire!

2) Limited Access to Financial Resources! We help people get access to financial resources!

We have great ideas but don’t understand how to get our hands on the monies needed to make those dreams come true

3) Lack of Financial Mentorship. We help guide people in their business ideas.

And then we lack the leadership, guidance, and expertise to accomplish our goals

4) Lack of Leverage. We teach people how to master PASSIVE income and develop STRONG income!

Most people have 1 source of income.....their job. They don't realize that their income should look like a table. A strong and stable table has 4 legs like a person with a strong financial structure should have at least 4 stable income streams after he has established one.




The average annual income in AMERICA is $39,000/ yr. The national income level in the US that is considered poverty is $30,000./yr. Not to mention that most individuals that work a job


have 1 income. Middle class America is shrinking and minority communities are one of the fastest growing communities in America while being the demographic that is paid the least.



Our agents on average earn $60,000 to $125,000/ their first year. So the real question is, “What are we going to do to address the national poverty level?”

Our goal for 2022 is to recruit 500 new brokers to our company. License and train them while helping them elevate their income levels and cashflow


One of 

our goals

is to:


OUR FMO (Financial Marketing Organization)

As a Marketing Director organization of PHP Agency, we have access to life insurance and annuity products