We're NOT ashamed to admit that we're  looking for NEW agents &/or brokers to JOIN our broker trainee program!

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you do?
A: We teach financial literacy and we offer customized financial solutions that help people increase their income, save money, & grow their money without losing a dime in the stock market!

Q: What do you mean by money problems?
A: The average person goes to school, goes to college, gets a degree, gets a job,
works that job 20 years, retires with NOT enough money (100k to 200K), and then gets another job where they work until they pass. This is a major money problem in America that keeps repeating and after all of that little to NO money is passed on to their loved ones. 

Not to mention that MONEY problems is the #2 reason for DIVORCE in America!

Q: What are you looking for in an agent/broker?
A: We're looking for people that are hungry! People that are looking for a change. People that like helping other people and that have a desire to make some REAL MONEY!

You must be ready to study, learn, and pass your licensing and certification exams. . Committed to work at least 20 hours a week. Must be a TEAM Player!

Q: How much money do life insurance brokers make on average?
A: That's up to you but the average first year income generally is around $123,000 full time and around $50,000 part time.

Q: Will you assist me in getting my life insurance license?
A: We offer a 3-day pre-licensing boot camp designed to assist our brokers in getting their life insurance licenses within 2 weeks from the time they start.

Q: Does it take long to make money working with you?
A: No, many of our agents have clients ready to work with them within the first 2 weeks of starting to work with us.

Q: Do you provide training?
A: Yes, we provide pre-licensing training to those who need it and then afterwards, we have a 120 day (4 month) training curriculum to make sure that the agents have a solid financial foundation. Our training is broken into parts: classroom, online webinars, books, and on the job training (OJT).

Our training is broke into 3 focus areas:

Month 1 - Generator: We show you how to get clients and agents
Month 2 - Product/Marketing: We make sure that you know our products and our carriers. Then we develop your marketing system.
Month 3 - Closer: We show you have to become an expert closer in business.

Q:Are you guys are legit?
A: You have to be licensed with the state that you live in to work with us. I've never seen the state give a scam artist a license to do business.Plus we have to pass a background check as part of getting our license.
Not to mention that we've been endorsed by Magic Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Oscar De Le Hoya. Plus our carriers are over 100 years old in age and worth billions of dollars. Our credibility speaks for itself.

Take a look at our testimonial page and see what our clients are saying! Click HERE to see some of our testimonials!

Q: How do you get your clients?
A: We have an outstanding marketing program for our agents. We teach them how to get clients through five (5) sources: Friends and Family, Local Events, Background Associations, Target Marketing, Referral Network Building, & Social Media.
We do workshops and seminars at churches, schools, and community centers. We're active in the community by attending at least 2 networking events a week plus more. We don't have any problems finding clients. Our agents stay busy!

Q: How are you paid?
A: We're paid 3 different ways. 1) We're paid directly by the business we generate personally (Commission based). 2) We're paid by annual renewals. Each year a plan renews you're paid again for the business that stays active on your books from the year prior. So your income should grow every year. 3) By Overrides especially office overrides. We're proud to focus on establishing new offices. Our brokers are paid a 10% override from the business generated from that office. So if we helped a broker to establish a new office that generates $1 million dollars, we'd earn $100,000 from that office. 

Q: Will I have to do this on my own?
A: No, You are NEVER alone. We're a team and an extended family. We will help but you have to build your business!

Q: What's the hardest thing about this business?
A: Being consistent! We have NO QUOTAS HERE! We don't micro manage you here as well. You must decide to set a schedule and work it at that set time. Also you can't let distractions slow you down. When you start making $10,000 plus a month its easy to take off when you should still be working.

Q: Do I have to quit my job to work with you?
A: NO, you can start on a part time basis of 20 hours or less a week. Set your fiancial goals and then reassess after you hit them.

Q: I live in another city, will I have to move to MEMPHIS?
A: No, we do business nationwide and we have training centers across the country. Not to mention, that we also do a lot of virtual support via webinars and video conferencing, that means that we can work with you anywhere in the US.

Q: Is there a cost involved?
A: Yes, There is an investment in yourself of $236 initially + an additional $130          (Totally $366) to cover the costs of:

Registrations with our carriers
Pre-licensing Training
Licensing Exam and Licenses
Background Check
Certifications for Anti-Money Laundering, & Annuities
Product Training and Development on ALL of our insurance products

Plus you keep life insurance license and certifications plus your book of business! Each skill-set is worth 6 figures to you! We want you to SUCCEED so we take it personal! If you want success, we'll help you reach it!

Q: I'm nervous and unsure, What do you recommend that I do?
A: Give us a call (901) 708 - 5580! Setup a video ZOOM appointment! Talk to our agents! We have nothing to hide!


New Agent Testimony:


"I am grateful to have a new family /team.  They are teaching me the value of increase and overflow due to value, insurance, and finances. They have pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  Causing me to be confident and to push past my issues and my imperfections. To become the woman and entrepreneur that I was designed to be. Now Procrastination or Failure is not an option!"

V. Beard - Dyersburg, TN

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