We spoke with Will Scott about our IRAs. We were concerned about the losing our nest egg in the stock market. 

Mr. Scott educated us on a few options and we chose to roll our money over into an indexed annuity.


We're soooo glad that we did. We rolled our money over right before COVID-19 hit. It caused the stock market to drop 35%.

We would have lost $80,000 if our money was still in our IRAs.

                         The Grays

                         West Memphis, Ar

Met Mr Scott via LinkedIn.  He's very passionate about financial literacy. This sparked a conversation that stuck with me for months. 

I spoke with my husband and we did some research on the things that he was talking about and verified that everything he said was correct.

So we called him back and rolled over 2 old 40lks into an indexed annuity and then setup IULs for each family member. 

We're excited to see that our financial foundation is set. We look forward to working with Mr. Scott and we're going to tell others.

                                                The Garners

                                                 Venus, TX

I was recommended to give Mr. Scott a call.

After speaking to him briefly, We decided to use Life Insurance to establish our kids college fund.

I would have never known that I could grow my money safely and access it tax free without speaking to Mr. Scott

                       The Rogers

                       Memphis, TN